41/2 Days alone traveling across the country… 

If you’ve read my previous stories I’ve told a story about how I met my long distance boyfriend… Well let’s add on to that story. While my flight to Ohio was cancelled, at last minute I decided to get on a bus at 3 a.m. to travel to be with the love of my life. Buying my bus ticket at 10 p.m. The night before and departing at 5 a.m. I still had to pack and get all my things together. With the help of my two amazing friends we snuck into my parents house to collect everything that we could before my mother got home from picking my dad up from the airport. 12 at night we snuck into my parents house and at 12:18 we left with all my clothes. Making it back to my friends house at 12:25 we proceed to grab all of my clothes and started to throw them in the living room to get ready to pack my bags to go to Ohio. 1 a.m. Hits and we only have one bag done. At this point I knew it was going to be a long night. 2:20 a.m. Comes and FINALLY 5 bags packed and we’re off to bed to wake up at 3 a.m. To drive to the bus station which was 45 mins away. With only 15 mins of sleep I was up and ready to leave. Leaving the house at 4 a.m. And getting to the bus station around 4:30ish. Paid for my bags and all I had to do was wait for my bus. While waiting I was extremely uncomfortable to be sitting by people who looked to seem like criminals. I proceed with my commitment and got onto the bus at 5:45 a.m. I thought to myself, “Ok, no turning back now.” Driving from Spokane Washington to Columbus Ohio. Absolutely no sleep, didn’t use the bathroom once and had no food at all. Let me remind you I only have $200 dollars in my pocket. Why I never decide to eat anything will never be known, probably due to stress and anxiety. Leaving Oct. 18th I arrived Oct. 22nd.. Entering into Ohio and only a few hours left on that terrible bus I would finally be with him… “Sigh of relief” the bus driver pulled over and announced that we would be an hour late. Well great an hour.. Did I ever mention my parents shut my phone off, so being just 18 traveling BY MYSELF across the country with a phone that is shut off. The only time I could actually contact my boyfriend was when I was in Chicago with the crappy wifi they had and iMessage would barely go through. ANYWAYS… Hour late to my destination and calling my boyfriend from a strangers phone knowing I was just an hour away from him gave me the biggest butterflies ever. FINALLY we made it. I waited until everybody got off the bus so I could collect all my 5 bags and there he was standing in the bus station with the most beautiful yellow roses. I dropped my bags and said “Oh my gosh Martin”… It was him, it was really him and I finally made it. 


Long Distance relationships 

Ok, on a serious note let’s talk about long distance relationships… I married my long distance relationship boyfriend. YES, it’s true. I was in a long distance relationship with my husband for 17 months. We NEVER met. NOT even once. So I lived in Washington and he lived in California. He got a job opportunity in Ohio and it was planned for me to move out there with him. But wait, I was under age. I met my husband on Instagram at age 16 and he was 22 😬 so of course to even tell my parents that I was in a relationship with a guy who lived across the states would sound crazy but His age was crazy too. 3 days after my 18th birthday I told my parents that I was moving out. Not only moving out but moving to Ohio to live with a guy I never met. My parents said “NOOOO” of course but my stubborn ass did it anyways. I had a flight ready to leave on the 22nd of October but my sister ended up cancelling my flight.. There was absolutely no way to get a flight out to Ohio so…. My husband got me on the gray hound. Yes, the gray hound.. 4 days on a bus and I finally made it to Ohio. Now married and a baby girl due in two weeks. True love does exist from distance you just have to be patient and honest. Communication is KEY! 

The tongue doesn’t have a muscle but it’s the strongest thing to hurt someone

Looking at an aspect of bullying now that school has started or school is about to start for some people. We need to teach our children. Teach them with words of kindness but not just through our words but through our actions. Most of us adults are hypocritical when it comes to teaching our kids the true value of kindness. Our kids watch us. They see how we treat other people. Whether it’s a roll of the eyes because some body got in our way or a mumble under the breathe when we see something/someone doing something we don’t like. “The tongue doesn’t have a muscle but it’s the strongest thing to hurt someone”. We need to think before we speak. Don’t become an evil person because you said something wrong. We need to all make it a goal to treat others the way that we want to be treated. Value kindness in your home. Be a leader, don’t be afraid to say a kind word or give a smile to someone. 😊

Being a multiple 

What a blessing it is from God that some of us are the lucky ones to be a multiple. I myself am a Triplet and I’m extremely blessed. I don’t know what I’d do without my sisters. I remember growing up and I absolutely hated it because I thought we were so different from everybody else and we were constantly compared. I think that was the worst part. Being compared to your sisters. It was a constant battle on who was better at what. Grown up now and being away from my sisters is probably the hardest thing. I don’t think any of us thought we could ever be independent without each other let alone move away from each other. But the day has come. We all live in different states and we are starting our new lives with family and friends. 👩🏼+👩🏽+👩🏼=3️⃣

Rascal couples…

I think this topic isn’t looked at by some people because they think it’s “Wrong”. In my middle and high school years I had a thing called “Jungle Fever”. (Obessed with black men). Never have I ever looked at mixed couples as a bad thing but “Older” people do. I myself am in a mixed relationship. I’m full White and my husband is Mexican. I believe love is a beautiful thing. Doesn’t matter age or race love is love and that’s what we should look at. No body should be judged on their racial content. 

Love & Age 

Could we just take a second and ask this question. Does age really matter when it comes to love? Judge my relationship or not but I’m 19 and my husband is 25. We’ve been together for 2 years and 5 months. Yes, I was under age when we got together but NOTHING happened. Our relationship was long distance the whole time until I turned 18. But is it really wrong that we are 6 years apart??? We’ve never been questioned about our ages together. A lot of people are actually shocked what our age difference is. So for me if you ask if age is just a number than YES!! Age is just a number. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! 😊

The Stress…

The stress of preparing for a baby is absolutely insane. What I find more insane is that OCD is a real thing. Although I’m 81/2 months pregnant with 3 weeks left and my due date is near I find that I need to clean and organize EVERYTHING! Not only am I finding my self organizing and cleaning everything I’m already preparing diet and workout plans for after the baby. Lists, Lists, Lists, and absolutely more lists. May I find my self organizing and cleaning I yet have set up mine and the babies hospital bag. I could have the baby any second now but I find my self doing other things than getting things done for the baby. 😑